• Eliminates acne forever
  • Tightens pores
  • Replaces the course of laser peels
  • Eliminates scars
  • Reduces activity of the sebaceous glands
  • Effectively smooths out wrinkles

TRITIN - tretinoin lotion +ZN

Acne often make people's lives more difficult, making them feel shy about their appearance. Mostly teenagers suffer from acne, trying to get rid of this disease with the help of all possible methods. Meanwhile this problem can be solved easily - with the help of remedies with retinol and zinc.

TRITIN is a lotion with tretinoin and zinc. It is a modern effective remedy, which helps to reduce the skin fatness and renders antiphlogistic effect, totally cures from the most difficult acne forms.

Due to its high effectiveness, the only retinoid, which is locally used in the USA is tretinoin - the natural vitamin A metabolite. It is used in the form of cream or lotion (concentration of 0,025%, 0,05% and 0,1%).

In 1986 tretinoin made a splash in Europe, it appeared to be extremely effective against acne, and later it was found out that it is also effective against warts, scarring, effectively removes the skin stratum cornea, fights with senile wrinkles, with spots, which appeared as a result of a sunburn, Fordyce granule. Such a wide range of action emerges because Tretinoin makes the upper layer of the skin thinner or in other words, has the effect of peeling.

Acne treatment

Suggested areas of local application

Local application of Tretinoin is officially approved by Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of vulgar acne of any level of severity and also against wrinkles as an anti-age therapy.

Tretinoin mechanism of action against acne

The treatment action is connected with making the adhesion of epithelial cells of the follicle, which are responsible for creating micromedons. Micromedons, in their turn, are the earliest pathological manifestation of vulgar acne.

Also Tretinoin stimulates mitotic activity of follicular keratinocytes, promotes the expectoration of comedons by cell replacement acceleration and makes the production of skin fat less.

While using Tretinoin for the treatment of acne of such type, their quick removal is observed and alignment of skin surface. Also there are no any symptoms of inflammatory process left.

While the Tretinoin treatment of closed acne they turn into papule (or opening of acne), which are later healed without leaving spots. Also as clinic researches showed, Tretinoin effectively prevents the appearing of new acne.


Unbelievable effect of wrinkle removing

To remove sagged skin and deep creases women try to make operations on their faces, try dermabrasion and chemical peeling. Moreover, it is possible to get a course of collagen injections in order to smooth out superficial wrinkles for several months. But for spending millions of dollars for making skin always looking young, there was no possibility to solve this problem radically and for a long period till the latest times.

A remedy appeared several years ago, which promised to bring good results, which were similar to that one, which were promised by all the advertisements for such a long time. Tritin, which is actually an acid of vitamin A. For a long time it was used to treat acne. In 1996 it was approved for usage specially for wrinkle smoothing.

Tretinoin screws the skin up and makes it smoother, because it really has an ability to recover its upper layer. It offsets the harmful effect from sunbathing by making the cell regeneration quicker, by stimulating the blood running, by recovering the ability of the skin to produce collagen - a protein, which gives it elasticity and tension.


The form of local application of retinol

  • Retinol is put on struck part of skin 1 time a day (not on separate places, the whole surface is worked on: face, neck, back, chest).
  • If the skin is dry, the medicine should be used frugally. After you washed your face, you should wait for about 20-30 minutes or dry the face with the help of hairdryer. It is recommended to deal it with the help of cotton swab in minimum quantity.
  • You should not handle with surface around eyes, mouth and nose because it falls under irritation reactions most of all.
  • You should be extremely accurate while using retinol in a combination with other medicine (for example, with benzyl peroxide or antibiotics), because they make additional irritating effect.
  • Patients should be warned about the effect during the first week of usage - the process may seem to become worse, but in reality it means that deep damages go out on the surface. So it means that retinol works.
  • Because of high concentration you should begin retinol 0,1% usage due to a plan 1/2 (a day after two). To strengthen the procedure of peeling it is possible to use it 3-5 times a day, but not more than one time a week.

retinol totally removes acne and prevents their repeated appearance, makes the skin fatness less effectively and also removes spots from acne, makes the skin color smoother and makes the skin look healthy and shiny.

5 reasons to choose retinol lotion + ZN

Warranty: 100%

It is 100% effective against fat skin, acne, comedons, black dots, skin tuberoses, spots after cane, pigmentation. Just one bottle of the lotion will help to get rid of acne even in the most difficult cases! May be used up to 3 months.

Sebo-regulating effect

It permeates into the deep skin layers, where active components of the lotion affect effectively to the sebaceous glands and make strong treatment action and totally remove greasy luster.

Peeling effect

It peels the stratum cornea and prevents obstruction of pores, transfigures the skin structure, makes it smooth and beautiful.

Vitamins and minerals

Fills skin with the most important elements - vitamin A and zinc. You skin becomes healthy and obtains natural beauty.

Removes inflammation

Prevents forming inflammations and removes existing effectively. Helps to get rid of hypodermic illnesses.

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